Bio-plastic Materials in New Eye Drops

Vladimir Kanyukov is carrying out a surgical operation.     [133 Kb]

OSU scientists’ team under the supervision of Professor Vladimir Kanyukov was awarded a grant for developing new ophthalmologic materials.

Bioengineered cornea.     [133 Kb]
Structured form of hyaluronic acid — basis of eye drops and gels of Professor Vladimir Kanyukov.     [129 Kb]

In consort with specialists of Inter-sectoral Science and Technology Complex “Eye Microsurgery” named after Academician S.N.Fedorov they were working on the project “Developing a new product for medical purpose— regenerating eye drops, gels of “Professor V.N.Kanyukov”, on the basis of bio-plastic polymers and microelements and organization of its experimental and laboratorial production” during two years. It is an original product made in Russia that was developed for medical treatment of cornea’s burns, corneal spot, keratoconjunctivitis, keratitis and dry eye syndrome that is usually disclosed by people actively working with computers. At the present moment ophthalmologic materials on the basis of bio-plastic matrixes and microelements are not described in the scientific sources.

This year OSU research team was awarded a grant of Orenburg Region’s administration in the sum of 5 million rubles. Now scientists have an opportunity to purchase unique equipment and expensive reagents for pharmacy-bioengineered research to develop presentation form of the new product and all technical documentation. And then they will start official registration of the new product in Federal Service on Surveillance in Health Care and Social Development of the Russian Federation and arrangement of serial manufacturing.

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