Cooperation with Japan

Vitaliy Berdinskiy, Lyudmila Dokashenko, Kitamura Megumi — lecturer of Japanese in OSU and the students

Three OSU students completed internship in Summer School of Hiroshima University. And for the first time the students of Hiroshima University visited OSU for internship within the framework of Summer School.

The young people of Faculty for Mathematics and IT, Physics Faculty as well as Chemical and Biological Faculty were lucky to participate in academic exchange between two universities. The program included lectures and practical studies in natural sciences. Moreover it was held in English.

Viktoriya Abramova — the student of Chemical and Biological Faculty was impressed by laboratory facilities of Hiroshima University.

— I was surprised by working abilities of Japanese,— Marina Schukina, the student of OSU Physics Faculty shared her experience— They can study till 3a.m. and be cheerful and active in the morning.

The cultural program was prepared for Russian students. They visited Mazda museum, the memory ceremony of atomic bombing victims where they met residents of Hiroshima survived after the tragedy, and in the end spent two days in Tokyo.

Five students from Hiroshima University visited lectures and practical trainings in OSU so far there were holidays in Japanese universities. They studied Chemistry, Physics, Management, Geography and Geology of Orenburg region, Russian language and Culture. The academic languages were Japanese and English.

Certificates delivery for School participants
Meeting with survived residents of Hiroshima.
Hiroshima University parkway with memorial sign with name of OSU tree-symbol
Students-trainee from Hiroshima University
Students-trainee from Hiroshima University
Students-trainee from Hiroshima University
Students-trainee from Hiroshima University on exhibition of Japanese culture items
Selfie on the viewing platform of OSU Research Library
Students-trainee from Hiroshima University
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