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Orenburg State University

Dear Friends!

Orenburg State University is the largest institute of higher education in the Orenburg region. It is a leading training, research and cultural center carrying out advanced educational services at all levels.

To provide the best education, Orenburg State University (OSU) recruits highly skilled professionals. 137šstaff members hold Doctor of Science degrees and 750šCandidate of Science degrees.

The OSU student body on main campus is composed of more than 14,000šstudents! Thus, the university provides professional training with a strong focus on scientific research and up-to-date technology usage information. Students have at their disposal an Internet Center equipped with high speed transmission links, modern laboratories, and a scientific library that serves more than 27,000švisitors.

Furthermore, the university’s structure includes: 6šscientific and development institutes and various scientific laboratories, and centers that conduct research in over 33šdisciplines relevant to science and engineering development. OSU, for the convenience and advancement of its students, maintains a botanical garden, a vivarium, and meteorological station. Lastly, there are five successfully operating Doctoral Dissertation Councils at OSU.

One of the university’s main priorities is to always offer intensive and prolific opportunities for OSU students. For example, OSU students can learn to create innovative work in the classroom and then take their learning into practice at local enterprises. Orenburg’s leading companies and organizations then provide work placements for OSU students, thus, leading to the successful careers of many of our students.

Friendships between OSU and international partners in Finland, France, Germany, Japan, USA, Kazakhstan and other CIS members allow our graduates to adapt to the changes of a globalizing world.

Orenburg State University creates a special educational environment for students because of the sustainability of our strong traditions, our continually striving academic potential, and the development and modernization of facilities for social, cultural and sport activities.

Lastly, OSU’s social infrastructure combined with the Students Center Palace of Culture "Russia", Sports Center "Penguin" (swimming pool included), Sports and Health-Improving Gym, Students’ Polyclinic, and the Accommodation and Food Services facilities all aim to ensure that both students and staff have a comfortable living and working environment on campus.

Welcome to Orenburg State University!

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