OSU Slavic Center and "Russian as a Foreign Language" Program

Natalya Dmitriyeva,

Candidate of Philology

Russia, 460018, Orenburg
Prospect Pobedy, 13
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One of the main priority of the OSU Slavic Center is to teach Russian language to foreigners.

The Slavic Center offers the following programs:

  • Communicative Russian
  • Business Russian
  • Russian language for specific purposes (economics, jurisprudence, philology, study of art, etc.)

The center offers individual, as well as, group study (3–5students).

The center’s educators have a chart with multi-level training programs for students with different language experiences. The program’s aim is to obtain basic knowledge in Russian and to then master Russian language skills such as reading, writing, speech production, and comprehension. Advanced learners will polish the skills they already possess.

Training Programs

Elementary Level (150hours)

The program is designed for the students who are just making first steps in learning the Russian language and Russian culture. It is an intensive course on grammar, phonetics, and conversational practice. The course will enable the graduate to:

  • Master active vocabulary with the amount of 800–1000lexical units;
  • Use the basic forms of Russian speech etiquette;
  • Listen and understand Russian language native speakers in the context of the topics learnt (100–150words);
  • Express thoughts in Russian.

Basic level (200–300hours)

This program is for those students who continue to learn the Russian language and Russian culture or want to refresh their language knowledge after some break in their studies. The program will allow students to communicate with native speakers on daily topics, as well as, read and understand small original texts. At the end of the course the students are expected to:

  • Master active vocabulary with the amount of 1500–1700lexical units;
  • Comprehend speech in Russian while watching instructional films or listening to the native speaker in the context of the topics learnt (300–400words);
  • Express their own opinion on the texts read;
  • Read original and minimum adapted texts of everyday social and cultural topics (700words).

Certificate #1 level (200–300hours)

The program is run for students who have a basic level of Russian. It imparts extensive and deep knowledge in Russian language phonetics, morphology, and syntaxes which then aid in developing the students’ reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills.

The course graduates will be prepared for:

  • Using actively 2300–2500lexical units;
  • Speaking Russian fluently and comprehending Russian native speakers;
  • Communicating with native speakers on social, cultural, political, public, and daily issues;
  • Comprehending Russian speech (when watching instructional films and feature film fragments; on excursions; while debating, discussing or talking in a class);
  • Enriching their Russian country-studies, history, literature, and modern realities;
  • Reading small sized journalistic texts and belles-lettres.

Certificate #2 level (200–300hours)

This program is for the students who have sufficient basic knowledge in Russian language phonetics, morphology, syntax, and who are experienced in everyday communication in a Russian-speaking environment. The program will help students to speak with an accent and to master Russian language intonation, improve Russian grammar skills, and learn peculiarities of different Russian language functional styles. Furthermore, the students will enlarge their vocabulary and enrich their extra-linguistic knowledge about Russian culture.

The program allows its graduates to:

  • Master active vocabulary with the amount of 3500–4000lexical units;
  • Learn grammatical phenomena and some cases of word usage that are typically challenging for foreigners;
  • Get to know the peculiarities of Russian language functional styles;
  • Gain profound knowledge in Russian history, culture, literature, and various realities;
  • Read and analyze different kinds of text(encyclopedic, journalistic, popular science, and belles-lettres);
  • Speak fluently and correctly on social, cultural, public, political, and other topics that are of interest to Russian language speakers;
  • Not only to participate but to lead discussions.

Depending on the goal that students set for taking a program, the number of academic hours is subject for discussion and amendment.


  • 1month program (130hours)— 20000rubles;
  • 3month program (260hours)— 34000rubles;
  • 6month program (520hours)— 54000rubles;
  • 1year (10month) program (880hours)— 80000rubles.

Note: Costs are valid for group studies (3–5students).

Individual class costs 320rubles.


460018, Orenburg

Pobedy avenue, 13


(3532) 72-37-01

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