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Orenburg State University is situated in one of the most wonderful cities of Russia. During the reign of Empress Anne (1730–1740), the city was deliberately located at the crossroads of trade routes between Europe and Asia. As a geographic boundary between Europe and Asia, Orenburg is still considered as the "window to Asia".

The history of the Orenburg Region is interesting and unique. The Sarmation civilization and other tribes of nomadic cattle-breeders and warriors have deep roots in Orenburg. Nowadays it is a thriving and ethnically diverse community of over two million people.

Orenburg State University is one of the first educational institutions to appear in the city in 1955. With the first enrollment of 100Üstudents, as a department of Kuibyshev Industrial University, OSU demonstrated a constant growth through years. Some significant and historical marks for the university include receiving the independent status of "Orenburg Polytechnic Institute" in 1971; becoming Orenburg State Technical University in 1994; and transforming into Orenburg State University in 1996. Through the years, OSU not solely changed it’s name, but rather also developed a wider mission that has strived and succeeded in accumulating new training programs and facilities.

Currently, OSU is the largest institution of higher education in the Orenburg Region. Its 20Üacademic and professional schools, 3Üresearch institutes, 3Üregional campuses, and 2Ücolleages offer more than 215Üundergraduate majors and 29Ügraduate degree programs at the Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science levels. Courses are offered in both traditional and accelerated semesters, during the day and at night.

On main campus the university serves more than 16,000Üstudents and hosts over 126Üfaculty members with a Doctors of Science degree and 658Ümembers holding a Candidates of Science degree.

The Orenburg State University campus stretches all over the city and accounts for more than 90Übuildings including a new fundamental electronic library.

A highly qualified faculty and scientists, a vast stock of modern educational services, computer rooms and laboratories, huge research potential, active innovation policy, and lastly cherished traditions are some of the most appealing features about studying at OSU.


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