International visits, 2007/08 academic year

September, 2007

  • On September 9-11 within the framework of "Japanese Days at OSU-2007" the OSU hosted the President of Ikebana Ikenobo Institute in Russian Federation and Commonwealth of Independent States (Moscow branch) Prof. Midori Yamada and her assistant Prof. Galina Davidenko. Prof. Yamada gave ikebana Ikenobo master class for the OSU faculty. Prof. Yamada introduced the OSU design students to the art of Japanese calligraphy. Besides, Midori Yamada gave a talk on Japanese landscape design. The honorary guests met with the OSU rector Vladimir Kovalevskiy, participated at the solemn opening ceremony of "Japanese Days at OSU - 2007".
  • On September 10-14 the delegation from the Graduate school of science Hiroshima University, Higashi Hiroshima, Japan paid a visit to OSU. The members of the delegation were the Dean of the Chemistry Department Prof. Katsuya Inoue, the Dean Deputy of the Chemistry Department Prof. Takayuki Ebata, Prof. Yoshifumi Tanimoto and graduate students Tomonori Yamada and Shuichi Sakata. The guests participated in ceremonial activities devoted to the "Japanese Days at OSU - 2007". Mr. Tanimoto presented a slide-show and a film about Higashi-Hiroshima. Besides the members of the Japanese delegation presented their reports at the Second Russian-Japanese Seminar "Molecular and Biophysical Magnetoscience". After the seminar both sides discussed the joint projects for the future.
  • On September 13 OSU Center of German language and culture had a visiting guest – an actor Alexander Held. On the same day the Faculty of Journalism students had a chance to meet and have professional talks with Ulrich Chaussy, a journalist and presenter of "Kultur Actuel" program. Both meetings were arranged within the celebrating Days of German Culture in Orenburg.
  • On September 26 within his stay in the Orenburg region Prof. of Slavonic Studies, culturologist, publicist, director of Paris publishing house "IMKA-PRESS" Nikita Struve visted the university. The meeting with the OSU Philology Department students and teachers was devoted to Russian emigration, French and Russian literature. It was a sort of historical dialogue of different cultures, bridging the "Silver Age" epoch and our days.

October, 2007

  • On October 9 as a part of his visiting program to the Orenburg region the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in Russian Federation Yasuo Saito paid a visit to OSU. The Ambassador Yasuo Saito participated in cultural and scientific activities planned within the "Japanese Days at OSU". During his stay at OSU the Ambassador Yasuo Saito was introduced to the university’s structure, the OSU Japanese Center, met with the OSU rector Prof. Vladimir Kovalevskiy and OSU scientists. Mr. Saito took part in Japanese cinema festival opening ceremony. Besides, the Ambassador met with the club members of Japanese culture fans.
  • On October 10-13 the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries delegation came to attend the business-seminar "Modernization of energy system at the electrical generating station and enterprises" held at OSU. The members of the delegation were Mr. Shitara Tetsuya, the Head of Energy Systems Department of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries General Headquarters (Tokyo, Japan), Mr. Ito Jun, the Head of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Office in Russian Federation and CIS (Moscow), Salamandra Anna, an assistant of Mr. Ito Jun (Moscow) and Zaharova Svetlana, the representative of Japanese Center in Nizhniy Novgorod.
  • On October 18-20 within the framework of "Days of German culture at OSU" the Orenburg State University visited German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) lecturer Mr. Soeren Krey. Mr. Krey made some DAAD grant programs presentations, introduced our students to the peculiarities of filling up the application forms for DAAD programs and conducted a test for the OSU students, learning German language. The guest learnt the university’s structure, OSU German language Center, German Philology and German language teaching methods department.
  • On October 24-31 the fifths annual congress of Russian universities – partners of France Embassy in Russian Federation was held at Chelyabinsk State University. Within the framework of the congress the OSU employees took training courses and got the certificates allowing them to serve as examiners and experts in preparing students for the international French exams DELF-DALF. Improving the French language teaching in Russian educational institutions, developing cooperation between Russian and French universities, intensifying students and employees mobility were the target to be achieved by the congress attendees.
  • On October 29 - November 3 within the framework of the EU Tempus project "Improving the level of higher education at Russian Universities" Vitus Bering University College, Denmark hosted the delegation from the OSU. Alexander Proskurin, OSU prorector, Vladislav Korotkov, Dean of Food Industry Faculty, Nataliya Saharova, Head of Foreign languages for technical and natural sciences specialties Department, Valentina Gladkih, Head of Professional Education Department, Dmitry Timofeev, Deputy Dean of Economics and Management Faculty, Marina Vasilyeva, Deputy Dean of Architecture and Construction Faculty, Irina Ermoshkina, Senior lecturer, Oleg Krikotov, Head of International programs and projects office, discussed the issues on quality of education with their Danish colleagues.

November, 2007

  • From November 1 the lecturer from China Hyang Mingfang started to work for the OSU. Mrs. Mingfan is going to give classes in Chinese language to the OSU students and for all comers.
  • On November 5-20 within the framework of the teachers exchange program between the Orenburg State University and Salt Lake City Community College (Utah, USA) Natalya Dolgopolova, Head of Public relations department at the OSU Journalist Faculty paid a visit to Salt Lake City. The aim of her staying at Salt Lake Community College was to read lectures and give master classes to the SLCC students.
  • On November 22-25 the OSU hosted the teacher of English from the USA, Fulbright Office in Moscow coordinator Dana Marie O’Leary. The aim of her visit is to present Fulbright programs to the OSU teachers and students.
  • On November Prof. Morgunov, Prof. Berdinskiy, OSU student Ulyana Shevchenko and graduate student Eugenia Kurganova participated at the international conference "Effects of magnetic field in physics, chemistry, biology and related phenomena" held at the Graduate School of Science Hiroshima University, Higashi Hiroshima, Japan. The members of the delegation presented reports with their scientific findings.

January, 2008

  • On January 21-22 the Vth International Scientific and Practical Conference: "Professional education: problems, searches and solutions" took place at the OSU. International speakers were Prof. of Mathematics Klaus Hanssgen at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (Leipzig, Germany), Gunnar Eriksen, Dean of Architecture and Construction Faculty at VIA University College (Horsense, Denmark), Timo Hallenberg, Dean of Architecture and Construction Faculty at Hameenlinna University of Applied Sciences (Hameenlinna, Finland), Marja Raukkonen, International Office Director at Hameenlinna University of Applied Sciences (Hameenlinna, Finland), Mervi Friman, Education Quality Office Director at Hameenlinna University of Applied Sciences (Hameenlinna, Finland), Minna Palos, Education Quality Office Deputy Director at Hameenlinna University of Applied Sciences (Hameenlinna, Finland). The guests presented the reports on the educational system and its quality evaluation adopted in Denmark and Finland . The foreign colleagues took part in ceremonial activities devoted to the St. Tatiana Day.
  • On January 24-27 the OSU hosted Konstantin Lassithiotakis, Director for Studies at VIA University College (Horsens, Denmark). During his stay at OSU Mr. Lassithiotakis met with the OSU First Prorector for Studies Svetlana Notova to discuss the outcomes of the Vth International Science and Practical Conference "Professional education: problems, searches, solutions" held at OSU on January 21-22, 2008. The conference collected more than 200 leading scientists in professional training from Russia, Denmark, Finland and Germany. Besides, Mr. Lassithiotakis participated in ceremonial activities devoted to the St. Tatiana Day.

March, 2008

  • On March, 3-6 the delegation from the St. Petersburg College (Florida, USA), headed by the St. Petersburg College rector and onorary onsul of the Russian Federation Carl M. Kuttler paid a visit to the Orenburg State University. The other members of the delegation were the Vice-president of St. Petersburg College Board of Trustees Deveron Gibbons, International Studies Office Acting Director Violetta Sweet, the rector’s assistant Marsha Barlow, the head of choral study of the music theory and composing department Vernon Taranto, the pianist and organist Barry Stevens and staff members and students of the St. Petersburg College music faculty. The guests performed concerts for the OSU faculty and students. They had a chance to be introduced to the creative groups at the OSU Students Center "Russia". Besides, there were several meetings between the American students and the OSU philology and general history students, where the guests learnt some Russian traditions and customs.
  • On March, 26 the Orenburg State University hosted the representative of English language office of the USA Embassy in the Russian Federation and the expert in the methodology of teaching English as a foreign language. Ms. Reardon conducted some seminars for the teachers of English language. Within the framework of the visit the guest made acquaintance with the OSU foreign languages department for the humanitarian and social-economic programs and its’ staff.
  • On March 30 - April 12 the Orenburg State University hosted Annette Gschwilm, the lecturer of "German language courses for foreigners at the Ludwig-Maximilians University", Munich, Germany. The aim of her visit was to conduct the annual intensive course for the OSU German language Center students who will take the DSH exam. Besides, Mrs. Gschwilm held a workshop on "German language orthography" for the teaching staff of the German Philology and methods of teaching German language department. Within staying at the OSU Annette Gschwilm visited some cultural places.

April, 2008

On April 12-17 the delegation from France (city of Tours) paid a visit to the OSU. The members of the delegation were the lecturers of the lyceum named after Paul Louis Courier Mr. Cylvain DescampsM and Mrs. Anni Achermann and the lecturer from the State lyceum named after Pothier Mrs. Marie-Louise Bonaque. During their staying at the OSU the members of the delegation gave lectures and led round-table discussions with the OSU students and teaching staff. The cultural program included the city tour, visitation of the theatre and museums of Orenburg. The guests donated to the OSU library some books in French.

May, 2008

  • On May 4, 2008 within the framework of his participation in the Days Of Polish culture in the Orenburg Region Mr. Heronim Gralya, Director of Polish culture Institute, Doctor of Historical Sciences visited OSU. Mr. Gralya gave a lecture to the students and teaching staff of the Humanities and Social sciences faculty. The theme of the public lecture was: "Poland and Russia in VI-XVII centuries: the background of the mutual stereotypes".
  • On May 4-17, 2008 Prof. Brent Green from the Salt Lake City Community College (Utah, USA) paid a visit to the OSU. The aim of his staying at the OSU was to give lectures to the OSU students. Mr. Brent conducted some classes with the students of the translation theory and practice department and the department of foreign languages for humanities and social and economic sciences, held seminars for the OSU staff and for the Orenburg high schools English language teachers, visited public classes of the OSU colleagues. Besides, Mr. Green met with the teaching staff and students of the OSU Public relations department. Within the framework of the visit the guest had the meeting with the OSU rector Dr. Vladimir Kovalevskiy and the OSU Prorector for international relations and scientific research Dr. Aida Kirjakova.
  • On May 14, 2008 within the framework of the visit to Orenburg the delegation of the British diplomats paid a visit to the Orenburg State University. Among the members of the delegation were Mr. Laurie Bristow, Deputy head of the Embassy of Great Britain in Moscow; Mrs. Jenny Lock, Consul General of Great Britain in Yekaterinburg and Mrs. Galina Movchan, Senior Counselor on trade and investment of the Great Britain Consulate General. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Sergey Kuznetzov, Deputy Head of External Relations department of Orenburg Region Ministry of Information Policy, Public and External relations. While meeting the OSU rector prof. Vladimir Kovalevskiy the British diplomats were introduced to the main university’s activities and the collaboration possibilities with Great Britain.
  • On May 14-24, 2008 the OSU Students’ Center creative groups "Zhemchuzhinka" and "Ekskurs" visited to the St. Petersburg College, Florida, USA. This project took place thanks to the collaboration agreement between the Orenburg State University and St. Petersburg College, Florida, USA, signed in 2007. The students gave concerts at the St. Petersburg theatre "Palladium" and at the concert hall of the Seminole Community College. Orenburg students presented to the American audience Russian folk dances and folk song compositions.
  • On May 18-23 the Orenburg State University hosted the delegation from the University College VIA (Horsense, Denmark): Jens Hoffner Olsen, Prorector and Jorgen Jensen, Chief Consultant. Several meetings were arranged to discuss possible joint projects: training courses – Lean-management and Telemarketing – for the Orenburg specialists in Denmark; joint research on energetic and environmental protection researches; participation of the OSU design department in the Medieval Festival held in Horsens (Denmark).

June, 2008

  • On June 2-7, 2008 the Orenburg State University hosted the board of examiners from the "German language courses for foreigners under the LMU" (Munich, Germany). Mr. Jaumann and Ms. Jodl conducted a regular examination for the listeners of German language courses applying to get the international certificate (DSH). Besides the German specialists were authorized to meet Dr. Aida Kirjakova, OSU Prorector for scientific research and international activities, Ms. Irina Solodilova, the head of German philology and methods of teaching German language department and Ms. Valentina Shcherbina , director of the OSU German language center and discuss possibilities for the future cooperation development in DSH exams preparation and teachers’ exchange between our universities.
  • On June 18-19, 2008 Dr. Alexander Panov, rector of Diplomatic Academy (DA) of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sohei Oishi, director of the Japanese Center in Nizhniy Novgorod and Mr. Vladimir Pyasetskiy, member of the Central government of All-Russian Society "Russia-Japan" paid a visit to the Orenburg State University. The guests participated in the opening ceremony of the photo-exhibition "Russia in the Japanese way. Japan in the Russian way". The visit was crowned with the singing of collaborative agreement between DA and OSU and inauguration of the All-Russian Society "Russia-Japan" Orenburg office.
  • On June 20-22 the delegation from Changchun Normal University (CNU), (Changchun, China) visited Orenburg State University. Foreign partners Dr. Jimin Zhao, CNU rector, Mr. Xaoying Wang, international office director and Mrs. Hongmei Lu, member of the international office came to see the OSU and Orenburg. When meeting Dr. Vladimir Kovalevskiy, OSU rector, Dr. Aida Kirjakova, OSU prorector for scientific research and international activities and Balazhan Karchaeva, prorector for international students affairs. CNU members discussed the possibilities of intensifying the cooperation between two universities. The guests have also made the presentation of their university at the University Academic Council meeting.

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